A name? The pressure of a name.

A name? The pressure of a name.

By far, the question I am asked most is about the name of my business. Why Blue Denim? Where did I come up with it? One friend teases me and calls it Blue Jean Photography (thanks, Jim!) Well, there is actually a story behind the name and why it has meaning to me. And why I think it's perfect.

When I decided that I wanted to close Okemos Studio and move on to something new, one of the first things I had to do was choose a name. Obviously. But I didn't want to carry on the Okemos Studio name, that wouldn't make sense. And I didn't want to just use my name, I wanted something more creative. I wanted something with meaning. Something that would stand out more than "Kathi Mitchell Photography" might. But what? 

So those that know me, know I have one of the most annoying dogs on the planet. Truly! (I'll share stories sometime.) Well, one morning while I was letting her out the front door and I saw the framed panel above. And it hit me. "Blue Denim". That was it.

But what are the images in this panel? Well, my husband was known for wearing a blue denim shirt. He always had one on or carried one with him in case he got chilly. When our daughter was born, we started photographing her in his blue denim shirt every year or 2. This is a series with her from about 2 to 5 years old. It has meaning. She's precious and she's in her daddy's shirt. Now that he's passed on, it's even more special to her and I. 

So, Blue Denim it was. Perfect.